Dear guest,
the protection of our environment and the attention to the effects produced on it by the goods and services we buy every day now is a shared responsibility.
L ‘HOTEL BLU EDEN, continually strives to minimize its environmental impact, trying to decrease the input of CO2 into the atmosphere, in the recycling and investing in energy production from renewable sources.
Currently 30% of the electrical energy derived from solar panels installed 10kw with a production of about 18,000 kWh / year with a reduction of 9,540 kg of c02, as well as by the installation of condensing boilers for the production of sanitary water to exchange new generation heat.
We installed flow reducers in the taps, all the hotel’s lighting is low power, the ingredients used in the kitchen come mainly from local products in Km Ø.
You too can help to reduce waste and protect the environment, for example by turning off the lights in the room when you leave the room, or close the air conditioning / heating when not in use, close the faucet in the shower when you soap or while you are brushing , small gestures that multiplied by many people mean more savings in energy, water, less pollution, more ENVIRONMENT!


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